Progetto: “Costruiamo La Foresta” – il processo e altre informazioni

Un evento pop-up con porte aperte: musica, attività creative e aperitivo. Cos’è la Foresta e cosa è successo nell’ala Nord della stazione ferroviaria di Rovereto? Abbiamo aperto l’edificio della stazione per creare uno spazio accogliente per tutti, insieme ai foresti. Abbiamo costruito, colorato, cucito, legato, tagliato, disegnato, mangiato e bevuto! Abbiamo assemblato insieme e personalizzato i Vagoni in legno realizzati in collaborazione con Camilla Carioli e Julia Reindl del Master in Eco-Social Design dell’Università di Bolzano.

La Foresta team together with visiting students from Kunsthochschule Halle, Julia and Camilla

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A pop-up event with open doors: music, creative activities and aperitivo. What is La Foresta and what happened in the North wing of Rovereto’s railway station? We opened the building and occupied the pavement in front of it to create a welcoming space for everyone, together with i Foresti. We built, coloured, sewed, tied, cut, drew, ate and drank! We assembled together and customised the wooden wagons made in collaboration with Camilla Carioli and Julia Reindl from the MA in Eco-Social Design at the University of Bolzano.

Camilla and Julia

we are Camilla and Julia and developed the project “Costruiamo La Foresta” during the second semester – from March to June – in collaboration with i Foresti. We worked on a social furniture concept and we would like to share some insights. Here is a description of our process:

Vision Table:
After the first visit to Rovereto held by Fabio and Bianca, where we got to know the city of Rovereto in the main aspects, we met the members of La Foresta at the weekly assembly where we were introduced to the group.
After that meeting, we organised a Vision Table together with participants who were willing to elaborate a vision with us: La Foresta in five years. The afternoon was positive and productive, it helped us to understand the values and needs of La Foresta. For more information, have a look at this post:

Idea and Prototyping:
After working through the results of the Vision Table, we started to research about social furniture, participatory design processes and best practices, which helped us elaborate the concept idea of Costruiamo La Foresta. We presented the idea in one of the weekly assemblies and after some consideration and feedback, we decided to realise it. The idea consisted in the realisation of a social furniture (the Vagoni) and the planning of a making-in-common event to build the furniture together with people involved in the Foresta project. Then we started a fast and dense phase of prototyping to get to the final outcome: a collection of wooden boxes, cut with a CNC laser plotter, which can be assembled easily, without glue and almost no screws (only 4 are needed for the cover). Through coloured threads people can personalise each Vagone individually.

On the 25th May, we did the “Costruiamo La Foresta” event together with people from La Foresta. We had the pleasure to have students from Kunshochschule Halle visiting, who actively took part in the festival doing drawings and bookbinding. During the day the participants had the chance to be an active part of different activities, from sewing and drawing on bunting with artist in residence Ingrid Bale, cut badges and assemble the wagons with us. Everyone enjoyed the event with some vibrant music, drinks from Comunità Frizzante and locally produced finger-food. At the end of the event, the facade lettering that was produced during the day was also installed. We literally built up La Foresta! The workshop was essential for us to understand, test and see how the wagons are being used and how they can foster a connection between people. The day was inspiring and full of creativity!

The open source file will be provided soon!

Il Vagone

We would be happy to receive some feedback or questions, so don’t hesitate to write us an e-mail: //

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